Redmond, Washington is a community known for much more than being Seattle’s friendly neighbor. Located just 16 miles to the east of Seattle and bordered by the northern tip of Lake Sammamish, it has become a popular hub of high-tech business and luxury suburbia. You may know Redmond as the home of Microsoft Corporation and Nintendo America, but did you know that Redmond also happens to be known as the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest?”

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Redmond grew very slowly from its founding in 1870, finally reaching a population of 300 in 1912. Like most northwest towns, Redmond’s earliest days saw growth through the boom cycle of logging. Steady World War 2-era shipbuilding then set the stage for Redmond’s explosive growth of the 1950s and the 1960s, followed by the launch of computer technology taking over as the consistent mainstay since the 1990’s.

While there is no denying that Redmond’s economy thrives today mostly because of Microsoft and Nintendo, there is much more to the financial contribution in this community than technology and gaming. A wealth of consulting firms, megastores, luxury shopping and retail centers, along with its steady industrial and manufacturing section ensures Redmond will be a vital part of Washington’s economy for the foreseeable future.


Redmond has set a quality of life standard that many other communities have trouble matching. People work hard and they play hard in Redmond. If you choose to relocate to Redmond, here is some of what awaits:

  • Microsoft Visitors Center, a popular local and tourist attraction where you can learn more about the history and dynamics of the Microsoft Corporation
  • A foodie’s haven of restaurants offering local ingredients, gluten-free, and epicurean cuisines from around the world
  • Redmond Derby Days, the annual summer bike race through the town
  • Marymoor Velodrome, Washington state's only velodrome
  • KidsQuest Children’s Museum, an innovative program that joins art and science with fun activities for kids
  • Access to miles and miles of walking trails, waterfronts, and dog-friendly parks

Real Estate

Buying a Redmond home, townhouse or condo should be on everyone’s to do list, especially if you want to choose from existing homes or new construction – and live in a thriving city with worlds of opportunity. The median price of homes in Redmond is $736,000.

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