6 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Sammamish

Nestled in the Pacific Northwest's scenic beauty, Sammamish stands out as an inviting gem that many are proud to call home. Lush trees, friendly neighbors, and abundant community activities make this city a beloved place for both residents and visitors. For those looking to settle here, we've highlighted six enchanting neighborhoods to help guide your journey. Dive in and discover what makes each of these neighborhoods a special nook in Sammamish.


Klahanie, a beacon of community spirit and beauty, effortlessly captures the hearts of its residents. The melodies of children's laughter intertwine with the melodies of chirping birds, setting the neighborhood's harmonious rhythm. Beyond its idyllic streets and winding pathways, Klahanie boasts delightful playgrounds where imaginations run wild and community centers where residents come together to forge lifelong friendships. The fragrance of fresh coffee wafts through the air as local cafes become sanctuaries of shared stories and laughter. Evening walks are illuminated by the gentle glows from homes, each light a testament to the love and warmth contained within. In Klahanie, life is not just lived; it's celebrated, with every day presenting a new chapter in the community's collective story of joy and togetherness.


Sahalee, a name synonymous with tranquility and elegance, is more than just a neighborhood; it's a poetic expression of life in the Pacific Northwest. Amid its calming vistas, one can't help but feel a profound connection to the land and its timeless beauty. The whispering leaves tell tales of generations past, and every sunset paints a unique masterpiece across the sky. Beyond the park, where joyous moments are a daily occurrence, Sahalee's lanes are dotted with homes that are not just structures, but repositories of dreams, hopes, and cherished memories. The nearby Sahalee Country Club, with its lush greens, is not just a place for golf but a congregation point, where stories are shared, and bonds are strengthened. In Sahalee, every moment is an embrace, a gentle reminder of nature's wonders and the enduring spirit of community.


Embracing the essence of true Pacific Northwest charm, Inglewood has a heart that beats in rhythm with nature. Tall evergreens whisper tales of old, while local ponds reflect the tranquil skies above. The smell of fresh pine often fills the air, making every morning feel like the beginning of a brand-new adventure. The close-knit community here is reminiscent of bygone days, when neighbors genuinely knew and cared for one another, forging bonds that last a lifetime. And it doesn't stop there. The evenings in Inglewood are just as enchanting, with the soft glow of house lights creating a comforting ambiance, reminding all who dwell here of the warmth and familiarity that homes should offer. As fireflies dance under the vast canopy of stars, families gather around their backyards, sharing tales and making memories. Here, in Inglewood, the magic of community and nature come together, offering a life brimming with simple pleasures and endless wonder.

Pine Lake

A touch of serenity in the heart of Sammamish, Pine Lake captures the soul with its breathtaking beauty. As its name suggests, the shimmering waters of Pine Lake are the crowning jewel of this neighborhood. Sunrises here are magical, with the gentle glow of dawn dancing on the water's surface. Community events by the lakeside bring everyone together, weaving memories that become treasured tales of the locale. Whether you're watching ducks glide gracefully or listening to the gentle lapping of the waves, Pine Lake provides an everyday retreat. As the days meld into evenings, residents often find solace in the kaleidoscope of colors that the sunset paints across the sky. Local fishermen, with their lines cast, enjoy the tranquility, while families often huddle around campfires, sharing stories under the starlit canvas. The harmonious balance of community and solitude makes Pine Lake a dreamy abode.

Mint Grove

Mint Grove is like a page out of a storybook. Quaint homes, picket fences, and blossoming gardens evoke a sense of nostalgic wonder. Every season here feels profoundly special - from spring blossoms to autumn's golden hues. The local park, often dappled in sunlight, becomes a favorite spot for reading, picnics, or simply daydreaming. The charm of Mint Grove is undeniable, offering a gentle reminder of life's simple pleasures. As winter rolls in, children delight in building snowmen, their laughter echoing amidst the snowflakes. Summers see lemonade stands popping up, run by young entrepreneurs with big dreams. Here, every moment is cherished, every memory, a testament to the beauty of community living, reminding all that the most beautiful things in life are often the simplest.


The enchantment of Adelaide is palpable from the moment one enters this delightful neighborhood. Every pathway seems to invite exploration, revealing hidden gems along the way - be it a secluded garden or an artisanal cafe. The community spirit here is vibrant and alive, with residents coming together for festivals, markets, and more. Adelaide isn't just a place to live; it's a community that warmly embraces all, making every resident feel like they've truly found a home. As you meander further, you'll notice children playing on tree swings, neighbors sharing garden produce, and elderly couples enjoying a peaceful stroll. This sense of unity and belonging makes Adelaide more than just a location; it's a tapestry of shared moments and heartfelt connections.

In the heart of Sammamish, these neighborhoods stand as testaments to the city's unique blend of nature and community. Each offers its own distinct charm, yet all resonate with the warmth and welcoming spirit that makes Sammamish so special. For those fortunate enough to call one of these neighborhoods home, it's clear that the journey to find the perfect place has reached a beautiful destination, and the adventure of creating lifelong memories has just begun.

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